Triple Eh? Ltd. was founded in 2014 and is home to games developed by Gareth Noyce, a games industry veteran with over a decade of experience shipping AAA, 1st Party console titles. 

In late 2013 he left Ruffian Games - a studio he co-founded - and formed Triple Eh? (AAA, geddit?) as an outlet for independent releases. 



Gareth started his career in 2003 with Climax Studios Solent, first as QA and then as a Designer on the Xbox RPG: Sudeki. He moved to Climax Group the following year, taking on responsibility for the tracking of production performance on all Climax developed games, before finally heading to Climax Studios London as Producer on W.I.T.C.H. [GBA] and Black Hawk Down [Xbox].

From there he partnered with Gary Liddon (yes, Zzap64) as a co-founder of Xen Services and spent several years as a contracted producer, working on: Crackdown, Too Human, PGR3, Fable 2, Space Giraffe and the Xbox 360 visualiser, Neon. In April 2008, Gareth, Gaz Liddon and Billy Thomson [ex DMA Design & Realtime Worlds] formed Ruffian Games in Dundee [Scotland] where Gareth worked as Development Director. Over the course of the next five years Ruffian would ship another 5 titles for MS: Crackdown 2, Nike+ Kinect Fitness, Kinect Sesame Street, Season 2, Kinect Star Wars & Kinect Playfit and were heavily involved in Crytek's Ryse during pre-production, as well as several unannounced and canned projects.



In April 2013 Gareth moved to Finland and began teaching Game Design, Programming and Business & Production courses at TAMK Univeristy [Tampere]. He has mentored several first stage start-ups on a consultancy basis, as well as continued work developing his own games. The first of these, Lumo, was released in 2016.

In addition he has provided music for Llamasoft's TxK and Polybius.



A range of T-Shirts for Women and Men is available from the Triple Eh? Spreadshirt Store