Triple Eh? Ltd (AAA, geddit?) was formed in 2013 and is home to games developed by Gareth Noyce, an industry old-bloke with more than a decade of experience shipping first-party, AAA titles, for console and handhelds. 

Starting in 2003 at Climax Studios, he was later a co-founder of Xen Services and then Ruffian Games.

Credits include: Sudeki [Xbox], W.I.T.C.H [GBA], Black Hawk Down [Xbox], Crackdown [360], Space Giraffe[360], Too human [360], Project Gotham Racing 3 [360], Fable 2 [360], Crackdown 2 [360], Kinect Star Wars [360], Kinect Play Fit [360], Kinect Training [360], TxK [PS4], Polybius [PSVR].

His first independent title, Lumo, was released in 2016 to critical acclaim. 

Gareth has been lecturing at TAMK University [Tampere, Finland], covering Unity, C# Programming, Shader Programming, Business & Production and Game Design. He's provided bespoke Unity training days, mentored several pre & post-seed startups, and provided Production Management, Programming & Design services, on a freelance basis, to established studios in the UK and Finland. 

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him... No. Wait. Wrong website.